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Merriam-Webster defines School Choice as a program or policy in which students are given the choice to attend a school other than their district's public school (a charter school, private school, home school, or at a public school in a different district).

Some of the options available to students in South Carolina include; Magnet Schools, Public Charter Schools, Virtual Education, and Residential School Choice. 

South Carolina provides extreme flexibility in how students are educated - the choice is that of the legal guardian(s) but must adhere to state statues and regulations. State policy and legislation aids in providing provision for any choice option: inner-district, outer-district, magnet, public charter, homeschool, early childhood programs, residential schools, virtual education and a host of programs prepared to support the needs of all students in South Carolina. The amount of choice varies from one school district to another.

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South Carolina Parents’ Schooling Preferences

Where South Carolina's Students Current Attend School

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Visual Data Graphs obtained from ED Choice.

South Carolina Parents’ Schooling Preferences

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Education options for our South Carolina students are varied and rich. Join us as we talk with K-12 leaders and look at how and where our students are learning. From virtual schools to magnet schools to home schools, our students have options to meet their educational needs.

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