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Dudley Foundation.

          The Dudley Foundation, established as the Dudley Foundation for the Arts in April of 2017 has been critical in the development of youth, start-up funding for young entrepreneurs providing programming for the youth, artist development, classroom support, and school/district professional development and support. 

          All donations to the Dudley Foundation are placed back into the educational system. Our leaders and Board of Directors are volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure the growth of educational professionals and development of youth.


Please consider supporting to the Dudley Foundation - there are Educators & Children counting on you! 

Your support tax-deductible as the Dudley Foundation is a registered not for profit with the IRS.

Awards & Grants 


Campus Adventures & Brevard College

2019; 2020 

The Brevard Community has had a fantastic relationship with the Rise & Shine Freedom School and After-School Program. The Dudley Foundation and Brevard College (Brevard, NC) have teamed up to sponsor students who desire to attend the Summer Day Program at Brevard College. Students must be minority, have an exemplary academic record, and demonstrate need to leaders at Rise & School. This grant is awarded annually to multiple students from the Rise & Shine Freedom School. 


Liberty Middle School Partnership

2018; 2019; 2020 

The partnership with Liberty Middle School and DHEG in Covington, GA has been long standing and supports critical areas of the school where support is needed. DHEG has sponsored Staff/Faculty appreciation Days, Funded Instrument Acquisition, helped upgrade student use piano stations, and written local community grants for the arts programs. Educators are supported in all subject areas and may request support at anytime during the year. 


Jaden A. 

2020; $1,500 Equipment Grant & $500 Lesson Assistance

Jaden, a Student of Spartanburg School District 7, has received $2,000 in support from the Dudley Foundation for his original music compositions. This support grant is to help Jaden further grow as a musician and provides the tools to propel him forward with his desire. In addition, he will receive a $500 cheque for Private Music Lesson Assistance. 


Demond Johnson & The Prancing Ligerettes

2020; $1,500 Equipment Grant

The Prancing Ligerettes is a Community Dance Organization located in Spartanburg, S.C. The community organization boasts a phenomenal artistic staff and organizational team. The team has received $1,500 in support from the Dudley Foundation to help with marketing, equipment acquisition, and general operating expenses for start-up.


Kandie's Kiddie Kitchen

2020; $1,000 General Operation & Support Grant

K3 has been operating since 2017 and the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic bagan to cause deterioration of the organization and access to business classes for students. This cause a shift in serviced and methods of delivery. The Dudley Foundation provided general operation support to K3 during this time to help sustain the program for kid chefs who just could not get enough! 


A "Kick" In the Right Direction 

2020 Succeed Grant; $500/Recipient

The Dudley Foundation's Annual "Kick" in the right Direction program provides a one-time Succeed Grant for individuals who are minority, are Seniors in High School or College and have satisfied all graduation requirements. Grants are given based on Determination as demonstrated by submission of a grant application with recommendations and an Essay. Congratulations to our 2020 Winners! 

  • Mr. Young, South Carolina State University - Saint Matthews, SC

  • Ms. Walley, South Carolina State University - Orangeburg, SC

  • Mr. Patterson, Newton High School - Covington, GA

  • Mr. Foster, Dorman High School - Spartanburg, SC


Artist Clinic Grant

2020; $500 Performance & Lecture Recital

Violist Drew Forde, know my millions as "That Viola Kid" has wowed many audiences as he progressed through the Juilliard School of Music and now performs regularly in Los Angeles. We graciously thank Mr. Forde for his musical contributions and talent.

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Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity in the Classroom

2020; Workshop Grant

Teaching Artists from Newton County School System in Covington, GA were able to receive Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity training for the new school year as a pre-service professional development. Additional sessions were held on Music Literacy, Arts Assessment, and Classroom inclusivity.